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We care:
mind, body and soul

We've been around the world and back to source the best products and services available to responsibly care for you - mind, body and soul.

We selected the very best first class brands that align with our vision: Davines, Margaret Dabbs, Altearah, Hydropeptide and Izil. Together we crafted a menu of services of nail, hair, lash, skin, and body care that deliver purposeful results.


Beauty redefined. From our hearts to yours.

  • Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Makeup"
    Eyebrow Lamination (60mins) 150 AED - placeholder price Eyebrow Lamination w/Eyelash lifting (90mins) (price here) Eyelash Lifting (75mins) (price here) Eyebrows Tinting (25 min) (price here) Eyelashes - Refill (90 min) Eyelashes - Full Moon (150 min) More Eyelashes Removal (30 min) More Eyelashes Lifting (120 min) Eye Make Up Light Make Up Party Evening Make Up Natural Look EyeLash Ext. 3D Dull Effect Eyelash Ext. Russian Volume Eyelash Ext. Refill Natural look Refill 3D Dull Effect Refill Russian Volume More Eyelashes Tinting (20 min)
  • Glow - Hammam
    Altearah Foot & Leg Scrub Weekly Beldi (60 min) Memories of Morocco (75 min) Zaaz Hammam Malaki (110 min) Quick and Fabulous organic scrub (30 min)
  • Hands & Feet
    ZAAZ Manicure Regular (45 min) ZAAZ Manicure French (55 min) ZAAZ Manicure Long Lasting (60 min) ZAAZ Pedicure Regular (60 min) ZAAZ Pedicure French (70 min) ZAAZ Pedicure Long Lasting (75 min) ZAAZ Mani/Pedi Regular (105 min) ZAAZ Mani/Pedi French (120 min) ZAAZ Mani/Pedi Long Lasting (120 min) Supreme Manicure Regular (60 min) Supreme Manicure French (70 min) Supreme Manicure Long Lasting (75 min) Supreme Pedicure Regular (75 min) Supreme Pedicure French (85 min) Supreme Pedicure Long Lasting (90 min) Supreme Mani/Pedi Regular (130 min) Supreme Mani/Pedi French (145 min) Supreme Mani/Pedi Long Lasting (165 min) Moroccan Argan Manicure Regular(75 min) Moroccan Argan Manicure French (85 min) Moroccan Argan Manicure Long Lasting (90 min) Moroccan Argan Pedicure Regular (90 min) Moroccan Argan Pedicure French (100 min) Moroccan Argan Pedicure Long Lasting (105 min) Moroccan Argan Mani/Pedi Regular(160 min) Moroccan Argan Mani/Pedi French (175 min) Moroccan Argan Mani/Pedi Long Lasting (180 min) Nail Art Gel polish Nail Art Normal Polish Foot Or Hand Scrub
  • Henna
    Henna Tattoo (10 min) Henna Feet/One Side (30 min) Henna Hands/One Side (30 min) Henna Hands/Little Ones - One side (20 min)
  • Makeup
    Makeup starting at (60 min) Day Makeup Eye Make up Light Make Up Evening Make up Eye Make Up
  • Natural Hair Extensions
    Extension Removal (60 min) Nail Repair per nail (20 min) Overlay Natural (105min) Moulded Natural (120 min) Moulded French (135 min) Moulded Color (120 min) Glue less tips Natural (120 min) Glue less tips French (135 min) Glue less tips Color (120 min) Refill (90 min) Rebalance (90 min)
  • Perfect Hair
    More Hair - Curls (45min) Hair Treatment - Medium (60mins) Hair Treatment - Long (60mins) After Hammam Blow Dry (45min) More Hair - Wash (20min) Wash & Blow Dry - Short (30 min) Wash & Blow Dry - Medium (40 min) Wash & Blow Dry - Long (55 min) Braids - Simple (20 mins) Braids - Elaborate (30 mins) Braids - Glamorous (45 mins) More Hair - Styling (90 mins) Hair Treatment - Short (60mins) Natural Keratin - Short (120 mins) Natural Keratin - Medium (150 mins) Natural Keratin - Long (180 mins) Hair Cut Restyling Cut Hair Cut With Blow-dry Restyling Cut With Blow-dry Hair Trim Roots Color Short Roots Color Medium Full Head Color Full Head Highlites Half Head Highlights Full Head Lowlights Half Head Lowlights Hair Ombre Botox Botox long Hair Toning Olaplex Treatment Balayage Fringe Cut
  • Private Consultations
  • Renew - Facial
    Firm A Bright Facial (60 min) Firm A Bright Facial (90 min) Repair Facial (30 min) Moisture Miracle Facial (60 min) Moisture Miracle Facial (90min) Color Therapy Facial (30 min) Regeneration Facial (90 min) Regeneration Facial (60 min) Express Facial (30 min) Anti Stress Express Facial (30 min) Facial 60mins Clarifying Deep Clean Facial (60mins) Clarifying Deep Clean Facial (90mins) Repair Facial (60mins) Repair Facial (90mins) RejuvenationFacial (90mins) Rejuvenation Facial (60mins) Color Therapy Facial (60 min)
  • Soothe - Massage
    Express Massage (20mins) Swift Massage (30 min) Just Right Massage (60 min) No Rush Massage (90 min)
  • Threading
    Chin (10min) Cheeks (15min) Forehead (15min) Full Face w/eyebrow (60min) Nose (10 min) Upper Lip (5 min) Eyebrows (20 min) Half Face (30 min) Full Face w/o eyebrows (45 min)
  • Waxing
    Underarms (10 min) Arms - Half (15 min) Arms - Full (25 min) Legs - Half (20 min) Legs - Full (40 min) Bikini Line (10 min) Brazilian (25 min) Full Body w. Brazilian (120 min) Nose (10 min) Sides|Cheeks (15 min) Full Face w/eyebrow (60 min) Full Face w/o eyebrows (30 min) Full Back (30min) Upper Lip (10 min) Eyebrows (25min) Chin (10min) Full Body w. Bikini Line (100 min) Stomach Waxing Half Face Wax(lip/chin/side) Butt Waxing Hand Wax Forehead Wax
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