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Meet Our Experts

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Meet Asmaa

Asmaa is a Senior Marketing Executive with great passion for brand building and modern marketing. She has over 18 years of experience managing global brands/portfolios for renowned American Fortune 500 companies such as PepsiCo and KFC. She enjoys challenging projects where she can build and transform brands. She is currently running her own consultancy, Think Big Consulting, and building her own business, ZAAZ. She is the proud mother of Youssef 8 and Yasmine 6.


Our Experts

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I'm not Super Woman, but I'm the Front Desk Receptionist, so close enough! I am the proud mother of Princess Nicole. Now I’m a proud employee of Zaaz Wellness and Beauty since 2019. I love to do gardening and cross stitching. I say: "Don't stress, do your best, forget the rest.

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I am from Tunisia and I am a qualified Cosmetologist  and Hairdresser. I have been working as a hairdresser in Dubai for 11 years.  I am ambitious and self-driven and I’m always looking to achieve greatness. I love cats and I am happy to be part of Zaaz team.



Nail Therapist

I am from Kyrgyzstan, a country of nomads. I chose the beauty industry because it is my talent. I love to draw and it helps me a lot when I do make-up or nail art, and I really enjoy doing this work. I believe in myself, that I can make my dreams come true. I really like to draw fashion sketches and dancing.



Hammam Therapist

I am from Morocco. I have extensive experience as a Hammam Therapist, and I am proudly working at Zaaz Wellness and Beauty since 2019. I love taking care of our guests. My favourite hobby is cooking. I look forward to a long career growing within the ZAAZ team. 



Hammam Therapist

I am from Morocco. My journey in the Emirate began when I joined ZAAZ as a Hammam Therapist three years ago. Ms Asmaa is my role model as a successful and ambitious woman. I like to listen to music and follow fashion.



Beauty Supervisor

I have been in the Nail industry for 23 years. I stared my journey in 2002 as Master Technician/ Educational Ambassador. Now I am part of the Zaaz team. I am a proud mother to Jb. I love singing, it makes me feel relaxed. "Believe you can and you're halfway there."



Hammam Therapist

I'm from Morocco. I worked as a chef for many years. I'm a very good cook. Then I joined the Spa industry which lead me to join the ZAAZ team. I am very proud and happy here. I love to be calm and peaceful.



Beauty Therapist

I am Filipina and I am a well-trained Nail and Waxing Therapist since 2014. I have been working in Dubai for 8 years. I am proud to be part of the Zaaz Team. I love listening to music while cooking and baking as it helps me relieve stress. I believe in a verse "do to others what you have them do to you".



Beauty Therapist

I am from wonderful Sir Lanka. I am a Beauty Therapist with 15 years experience. I am proud of being part of the Zaaz family. I have amazing positive energy, and I am sharing my positivity with people all around me. My hobby is gardening and cooking for my lovely husband. I always say “be happy”, keep smiling, life is short!



Massage Therapist

I’m Cherry from the beautiful Philippines. I'm a proud single mom. I work in the spa industry since 2012 and am a proud ZAAZ team member since 2019. I love to serve people in terms of beauty and wellness. I always say ”YES I CAN! YES WE CAN"!



Hairdresser and Beauty Therapist 

I am a proud hairdresser and Beauty Therapist at Zaaz. I started working in the beauty industry in 2009. I've been in Dubai for 10 years. I believe that beauty is more about self-satisfaction. Beauty is a power, a smile is its sword. And oh I also love fashion, music, love to sing and dance.



Spa Supervisor

I am Jailyn and I am an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, a certified Massage and Facial Therapist since 2003. I am a proud employee of ZAAZ since 2019. I enjoy kick boxing, badminton and playing online games. I say "Be the kind of energy that adds value to the lives of people around you".

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